Jun Zheng Education

I am a second year Computer Science student at the University of Toronto. Cumulative GPA 3.26 / Major GPA (CS) 4.00

All CS Courses Taken / Taking

CSCC69 - Operating Systems (Grade: Pending)

CSCB63 - Data Structure Design and Analysis (Grade: Pending)

CSCB07 - Software Design (Grade: Pending)

You can find a list of notes I have taken for this course here:

CSCB36 - Theory of Computation (Grade: A)

Learned formal mathematical proofs, regular languages, push-down automata, etc.

CSCB58 - Computer Organization (Grade: A)

Studied Verilog and MIPS ISA. Final project: https://github.com/junthehacker/space-enemies

CSCB09 - Software Tools and Systems Programming (Grade: A+)

Studied bash and C programming, pipes, sockets, TCP protocol and multi-threaded applications.

CSCB20 - Databases and Web Applications (Grade: A)

Studied SQL databases and PHP programming.

CSCA48 - Intro to Computer Science II (Grade: A+)

Introduction to basic algorithm design and complexity analysis.

CSCA08 - Intro to Computer Science (Grade: A+)

Introductory computer science course, learned basic Python.